Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Auto Insurance: 8 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

Auto insurance is a necessary expense for most of us. Even with seemingly increases every year, very few of us stop and see if there are ways that we can reduce the cost of our auto insurance.

Life Insurance, Do I Really Need It?

Among all the bills that you have to pay, why would you want to add one more to the pile? Yet, life insurance could be one of those necessary expenses. You may regret not getting it if you truly need it.

Health Insurance Agents To Avoid

"Proceed With Caution" is good advice if a policy costs far less that what other companies are charging.

WorldNetDaily: Big-Government, Health Insurance Bad

WorldNetDaily expounds on how evil Senator Edwards is for trying to divide the nation between rich and poor people, and all the bad things that can happen with big-government, like no more FEMA/Katrina bungles. Wait, what? Former Sen.

Second Thoughts On Health Insurance Reform

Speaker of the state House of Representatives James Amann has introduced a cautionary note into the discussion of universal health care.

Businessman bemoans absence of insurance on buildings

Executive Director of KEK Insurance Brokers Limited observes that most buildings in the Kumasi metropolis do not have insurance covers and described such practices as unfortunate and risky.

Fiserv Advanced Billing -- Java-Based Insurance Billing

With Fiserv Advanced Billing, insurers get great functionality from superior technology with a Java-based billing system that manages policy premium billing, maintains installment and commission information, provides electronic viewing ...

Gay Insurance

I got 12 spam comments today so it’s nice to see that spam wasn’t just a passing fad in 2006 but just might stick around, at least to the end of 2007. So anyway, I just got my first spam comment for Gay Insurance today.

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